Frequently Asked Questions

Yes I do, it has to be something I am really passionate about and also want to take into other mediums like TV, Film.
Because of the current state of the world I have been doing chats across Zoom, Skype, Messenger, calls and some clients have requested a written assessment only for the dedicated time slot. I'm happy to work around what suits you best.
I can help you create a pitch bible package suitable and professional for the big studios like Disney, Netflix etc, book a power hour and I can show you the process.
Anytime is a good time, if you have an idea or are passionate about where you want to go in your career there is no bad time to start.
The best thing to do is book a power hour with me then I can dedicate this time to your project.
I recommend booking a power hour at first. Each project and requirement is completely different, with a power hour I can outline the exact cost of what is a good fit with you and your budget. A power hour is $150 USD.
A power hour is a dedicated hour of time with me where I can assess or offer advice and walk through next steps within in your chosen field.
The world and more importantly the internet is a big place and standing out can seem daunting, breaking it down into easy steps and thinking of yourself as a brand can help to make you stand out against the crowd.