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  • Are you looking to get yourself, your brand or your project a direction that gets the exposure it needs to get going?
  • Maybe you are a student that has just finished study and doesn’t know where to start?
  • Or maybe you are starting a new career and don’t know how to pivot.
  • Or you have always wanted to do something with that script or book you wrote so long ago.
  • But as you may already have discovered, its hard to get the attention you need and reach the levels you want.
  • So if you want to kickstart your creative career today, get in touch with one of my dedicated power hours!

Kickstart your creative career today!

It can take people a life time to build a successful creative brand, and some never quite get there. A professional attitude to everyday life is important but these days we also need to give that to our presence online. We don’t have the luxury anymore give the new climate to be in a room with future employers or broadcasters and ‘feel the room’ We need our brand to stand out to be remembered without people realizing it. You have heard the term, out of sight, out of mind, and that is very true. I will help you to take the steps to keep you in mind, to be the next one they think of and the one that will never give up.

My power hour is an hour of my dedicated time to you, your project and brand. After this, we can decide together if you need more of my time and we can discuss options together as each person and each project is unique.